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Julian Talbot

Life gets busy and writers write. Somehow I've collected more websites over the years than I expected. This (yet another) website is the one-stop shop for all (most/some?) of them.


My professional life story. Or at least, some highlights. I also write articles on LinkedIn and share insights or articles a couple of times a day that I think are likely to inspire and help people achieve their goals. You'll find more personal stories in the other links such as some stories from my adventures in Africa (hint there is an elephant in the photo for that link) are the most interesting. Trust me.


My main blog where I publish some articles, ideas, videos, and general musings about risk management, success, life, the future, and whatever I think worth sharing on the day.

Home | Security Risk Management Aide-Mémoire

SRMAM is a memory jogger book based on the Security Risk Management Body Of Knowledge (SRMBOK) and ISO31000:2018 Risk Management Standard.

Risk... the effect of uncertainty on objectives

Welcome to a series of excerpts from a book I'm working on about how to apply the ISO31000 Risk Management standard. Whether your focus is business management, leadership, safety, health, environment, security, insurance, business continuity, strategic analysis, financial risk, treasury management, compliance or something else entirely - if you're interested in risk, this is a book for you.

What I'm currently writing and thinking about ...

This link will take you to my posts and articles on LinkedIn. I regularly post ideas and topics that interest me here. Hopefully they will interest you also. Most of my books and articles start out as short posts, that turn into a pile of research, then one or more (usually more) articles on LInkedIn or my website (www.juliantalbot.com) before some of them turn into books. If I have my way, they will all turn into riveting (or at least useful :-) books.

Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge: Julian Talbot, Miles Jakeman: 9780470454626: Amazon.com: Books

Miles and I started to write a book about Security. Before we knew it, the Risk Management Institution of Australasia, John Wiley & Sons of NY, and over 100 contributors were involved in producing SRMBOK. But that's another story. For the moment, it's reasonably well regarded and seems to still be useful to many. You can also download some free supporting materials from www.jakeman.com.au and www.juliantalbot.com Enjoy. Julian

Risk Management Performance Benchmarking

Every year we spend billions of dollars on risk management - mostly without any real assessment of the effectiveness of those resources. How do you tell if the x million dollars spent last year on risk mitigation actually delivered benefit and/or reduced risk?

Good news to lift the soul and mind vitamins to feed your thoughts.

Every year the world is improving by almost every metric. You wouldn't know it from the media. This is my little attempt to curate a newsletter of thoughtful articles and positive news. The photo btw is me beavering away in a cafe to produce this daily newsletter. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. If you like the collection articles, there is the inevitable 'subscribe' button to help clutter your inbox (hopefully for the better :-). I hope you enjoy or at least find it interesting and worth your time. Let me know either way.

JT's Travel Blog - and yes, I'm the short one.

rinate (travel, especially on foot), learn, adventure, create, and inspire. PHILOSOPHY: Life is like pocket money; you shouldn't spend it all in one place. This blog is out of date but it has some tales from a couple of years in Africa. You've probably heard of 'TIA' (This is Africa). There is a corollary to that and most of the stories reinforce the AWA factor (Africa Wins Again) but hey, we had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and hopefully even left the place a little better than we found it.

Amazon.com: The New Supervisor's Handbook: Congratulations on your promotion. Now what? eBook: Julian Talbot: Kindle Store

The New Supervisor's Handbook: Congratulations on your promotion. Now what? - Kindle edition by Julian Talbot. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The New Supervisor's Handbook: Congratulations on your promotion. Now what?.

How to Performance Benchmark Your Risk Management: A practical guide to help you tell if your risk management is effective: Mr Julian Talbot, Dr Miles Jakeman PhD: 9781466377578: Amazon.com: Books

How to Performance Benchmark Your Risk Management: A practical guide to help you tell if your risk management is effective [Mr Julian Talbot, Dr Miles Jakeman PhD] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. HOW MUCH MONEY ARE YOU WASTING ON RISK MANAGEMENT?  Do you know these answers: " How do I tell if the $x million I spent last year actually delivered benefits or reduced...


Some of my risk management articles from the archives based on ISO31000 Risk Management Standard.

JT on Amazon

My Amazon author profile, some stories, and links to a few books.

Julian Talbot and Cate Aichroy, Peregrinators

Travel tales and life tips. This is a bit out of date but life gets busy. We're no longer in Broome (Australia) but currently in Valencia (Spain). That changes regularly of course but Cate and I are working on updating the website so stay tuned. There are a few more travel tales here.

Business Cases for Risk Management: How to write a killer business case that gets your risk treatments funded!: Mr Julian Talbot: 9781479396917: Amazon.com: Books

Business Cases for Risk Management: How to write a killer business case that gets your risk treatments funded! [Mr Julian Talbot] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is designed with one purpose in mind: to find the money you need - every time. I've used the techniques outlines in this book to regularly and repeatedly raise multi-million dollar business cases that...

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Resources and information about coronavirus

If you share this link and 2 others share it and so on, we use the power of exponential math in our favor. Which seems appropriate given the virus is using that same exponential math against us.