What is recommended for businesses?

What is recommended for businesses?

If you don't have a policy and a plan, you are likely to be leaving a lot to chance. Many organizations are coping well with coronavirus and here are some of their strategies.

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Resources and information about coronavirus

If you share this link and 2 others share it and so on, we use the power of exponential math in our favor. Which seems appropriate given the virus is using that same exponential math against us.

Coping with Coronavirus: Five Strategies to Mitigate Business Risks

In this opinion piece, Steven Minsky, CEO of a risk management firm, lists steps that organizations can explore to help turn panic into proactive action.

Coronavirus resources and information

The best available information on coronavirus, symptoms, self-isolation, checklists, and updates.

BCP and COVID-19

Emergency Crisis Management Command Center , which identifies the status of industry participants, disseminates vital information and facilitates actions to assist market response and recovery. Coordination is arranged amongst financial firms, exchanges, industry utilities, regulators, government agencies and public sector emergency managers. SIFMA also has an Emergency Site for industry alerts.

Coronavirus and Supply Chain Disruption: What Firms Can Learn

Wharton experts weigh various risk-mitigation strategies businesses could employ to prevent disruptions like those we have seen during the pandemic.

Julian Talbot

What about the economy? And my job?

The risk of economic depression suddenly got a lot higher. So how does that affect you, me, and our employers? A lot of clever people have given this a lot of thought.

Coronavirus Resources from Eventbrite

The novel COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is likely top of mind as you’re thinking about your events. We stand with you and are here to support your needs to ensure you, and your attendees, are well-prepared and safe in gathering at an event