How can I tell if I have coronavirus?

How can I tell if I have coronavirus?

There aren't enough test kits. If you phone your doctor with symptoms, they will likely tell you to self-isolate and to go to hospital if symptoms become severe. So how do you know if you have it?

Julian Talbot

Resources and information about coronavirus

If you share this link and 2 others share it and so on, we use the power of exponential math in our favor. Which seems appropriate given the virus is using that same exponential math against us.

How can I tell if I have coronavirus or the flu?

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how are they different from the flu or common cold?

Clinical features of infection

Some practical advice from an ED nurse with a host of other videos on this topic.

Coronavirus: Irish-developed kit that confirms Covid-19 infection in 15 minutes could be released in seven days

An Irish company is preparing to release rapid Covid-19 testing kits, which can provide results in 15 minutes and potentially act as a clinical weapon against coronavirus.